Sunday, June 8, 2014

4 Blue Devil #0!

Set your Wayback Machine to March 8, 1984 -- it's time to talk about the debut of Blue Devil, in a special insert from The Fury of Firestorm #24!

This mini-issue starts out with a sense of symmetry, with The Trickster and "Gopher" (Dan Cassidy's friend) separately reading and reacting to the same article, with leaked information about the Blue Devil suit that Cassidy designed for an upcoming movie. Even before the internet age, leaks were still a problem! Trickster decides that if it's "anywhere near as good" as the article describes, that he must have it for himself!

Back at the studio, Dan is busy telling Gopher about how he's still under his budget for creating it, and so he's using the money he's got left to try out new things -- "mini-gills, night-vision", when Marla Bloom walks in. Gopher's aunt and Dan's boss, Marla comes in, having solved the problem of their leak by hiring a photographer to take publicity photos.

When Jesse James (the civilian identity of the Trickster) arrives to steal the suit, Dan is still working on the real suit, so an arrogant actor named Wayne Tarrant is in the unpowered mock-up suit, and the Trickster kidnaps him by mistake! Gopher alerts Dan, who suits up and realizes he might be the only hope against this supervillain.

After a drawn-out fight, bounding around rooftops, Dan takes down the Trickster. As he gets away, he says that stealing the Blue Devil outfit might not have been a good idea, and that he still thinks "Cassidy's a jerk!"

This insert was a lot of fun. It was written by Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin, and the art was by Paris Cullins and Pablo Marcos. The story never felt dragged-out, and each character has a distinct personality, rather than being "set filler" for the main characters of the story. As an attempt to get new readers to buy the title, it would have definitely worked for me!

If you've read this story, what did you think? If you haven't... get on it!

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