Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2 Crisis on Infinite WHOA!

Everybody knows about Crisis on Infinite Earths, right? DC's super-big multiverse-altering storyline in the 80s, that streamlined everything (and has been flipped the bird by the New 52)?

Of course you do. It's huge.

What I didn't know about until yesterday, though, was the oversized 60-something inch wide poster with just about every DC character, with pencils by George Perez and painted by Alex Ross. A friend of the family showed it to me yesterday, proud of her boyfriend's thrift store find.

I'll take a picture when they hang it up, but among many other gorgeous scenes like the death of Supergirl and Flash's heroic sacrifice, there is one amazing-looking part that is relevant to this blog. At the bottom right, along with many other characters, BLUE DEVIL is there!

Want to know how much he found this thing for? $3

He spent three bucks, and the cheapest I can find the full-size version online is over $100. Definitely a hell of a find. Think he made a deal with Nebiros?


  1. Believe it or not, this exact poster hangs over my computer in my home office. I get to bask in its awesomeness all day long! To bad you weren't blogging back in 2009. You could have joined in our crossover!

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