Wednesday, March 26, 2014

0 Devil's Due: Doctor Devil!

This time around, I want to give a hat tip to Tower of Fate, an awesome Doctor Fate blog. Last year, I caught wind of this fantastic DeviantArt picture from him, and then I bookmarked it and... kind of forgot about it until now.

Don't hold that against the art, though. This piece is amazing, and I would love to see it in the comics at some point. Maybe another Flashpoint-esque alternate universe would be a good place for it?

Credit also goes to the artist, Jamon Mercado, whose work you should definitely check out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2 Crisis on Infinite WHOA!

Everybody knows about Crisis on Infinite Earths, right? DC's super-big multiverse-altering storyline in the 80s, that streamlined everything (and has been flipped the bird by the New 52)?

Of course you do. It's huge.

What I didn't know about until yesterday, though, was the oversized 60-something inch wide poster with just about every DC character, with pencils by George Perez and painted by Alex Ross. A friend of the family showed it to me yesterday, proud of her boyfriend's thrift store find.

I'll take a picture when they hang it up, but among many other gorgeous scenes like the death of Supergirl and Flash's heroic sacrifice, there is one amazing-looking part that is relevant to this blog. At the bottom right, along with many other characters, BLUE DEVIL is there!

Want to know how much he found this thing for? $3

He spent three bucks, and the cheapest I can find the full-size version online is over $100. Definitely a hell of a find. Think he made a deal with Nebiros?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

1 BLUE DEVIL, coming this summer...

... in the Arrow universe!

Thanks to eagle-eyed Reddit user MCTerrific for posting it in two subreddits that I subscribe to! I missed it on my first watch-through of the episode, but watched it a second time specifically to look for this. Now, let's go in to Speculation Land for a few minutes....

In the comics, Dan got his bonded with his costume during the filming of the Blue Devil movie, when Nebiros was unleashed and hit him with a demonic magic attack. People watching Arrow know that they are branching out and introducing super powers in a few different methods: a serum that enhances physical abilities extremely (which has been used to introduce Solomon Grundy), and recreating the "lightning bolt + chemicals = super speed" origin of The Flash's powers (with Flash getting a spin-off pilot!).

With all of that, would it really be a stretch for some sort of Blue Devil introduction next season? Sure, maybe not going full-on magic and demons with it, but at the very least, it'd be great to see Dan fighting crime in his Blue Devil suit, a la the New 52 version.

What do you all think? Should we be hoping for a third season introduction of BD, or is this all a pipe dream from me?

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