Wednesday, February 26, 2014

0 A Demon in The Devil's Domain!

When Hell's Kitchen can no longer contain it's darkness, it becomes clear that the horned hero needs help. In comes Blue Devil, a hero of a similar sort! But can the two work together, or will horns lock as they try to crack down on Hell's Kitchen?

Sadly, this story will never happen, unless I make it happen on here. But I definitely have to give credit to Ross over at Super Team Family once again, because this is an awesome cover. This time, Dan is in the costume that I'm most familiar with, because I got to know this character during the Shadowpact days.

Who else out there would love to see this match-up? Anyone else out there doing team-up covers like this? 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

0 Theory: BUSTED

Well, we're almost done with the New 52's giant Forever Evil event, with only one or two quick signs of Blue Devil anywhere.

So I guess that means I have to throw in the towel on my New 52 Jack of Fire theory, because I doubt we'll get that over the next two issues of Forever Evil.

Still, the main book has been fun, and I think there might be some slight aftermath, what with him and other magic characters having been snatched up during the Blight story. I'm looking forward to that!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

0 Devil's Quest, Volume V: eBay to the rescue!

Hey, Blue Devil fans! Been a few months since I did one of these posts, but I finally had a chance to add to my Blue Devil collection! What issue, you ask? Secret Origins #24, starring Dr. Fate and Blue Devil (I can hear Shag having a "SQUEE!" moment already! With good reason, too -- Dr. Fate is almost as awesome as his Secret Origins co-star!

That is one hell of a cover, too. It's a bit simple, but I think that it works to good effect in this instance, and makes Dr. Fate look a little on the dark side -- it's those shadowed-in demon-from-Supernatural black eyes, man! I know a few people are scratching their heads at the reference, but others will get it!

I haven't read the Dr. Fate story yet, but I had to re-read the Blue Devil origin almost as soon as I opened the package. There's a slightly new-ish story framing the already-known origin, and that whole portion of the issue is written by Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn. Ty Templeton's art is solid throughout, and this story -- "THE ALL-TRUE, PREVIOUSLY RECORDED, PUBLICLY KNOWN, HERETOFORE FULLY REVEALED SECRET ORIGIN OF THE BLUE DEVIL" -- was worth every bit of the shipping costs. It's in great condition, and was bagged and boarded immediately after this picture was taken.

Have any of you read this issue? What do you think?

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