Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2 Mystic Match-Up! What Mayhem Is This?!

While investigating a magical mystery in the Marvel Universe, DOCTOR STRANGE discovers a demon is at fault. His attempts to summon the demon go awry, and from another universe, he traps BLUE DEVIL in his conjurations! What comes next? Will Dan Cassidy be able to convince the Sorceror Supreme to free him? Will Doctor Strange solve his mystery and save the day? Find out....

Unfortunately, this team up never happened and probably never will. Still, it's a fun idea, and I love what Ross over at Super-Team Family... THE LOST ISSUES! has done with this cover. Now, if anyone has a TARDIS so that I can go back and convince DC and Marvel to cooperate on something like this, let me know!


  1. That is a friggin' brilliant cover! They stole BD from the Secret Origins with Doctor Fate. Well played by Ross over at Super Team Family!!

    1. Yes, it is! Ross even got a Doctor Strange cover with a similar pose to that Secret Origins cover (link for those unfamiliar). Very impressive work, indeed!



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