Thursday, November 28, 2013

0 Happy Thanksgiving!

Just like me, it looks like Blue Devil ate a bit too much at Thanksgiving!

Okay, sure, this might just be an out-of-context image that was screencapped when I was watching Young Justice, but that's not confirmed.

What it really means is that some talented person should make some Thanksgiving-themed Blue Devil art before next year! Maybe I'll get something commissioned eventually!

Still, to all my American readers, happy Thanksgiving! To any international readers, have a good Thursday!

Monday, November 18, 2013

2 Marvel Two-In-One: The Thing and Blue Devil!

Okay, this never happened. But am I alone in thinking that it really should have happened? I think that the original version of Blue Devil would've paired excellently with the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing!

This cover is the work of Ross Pearsall of the excellent blog SUPER-TEAM FAMILY... THE LOST ISSUES, where he creates combination covers of two or more characters from different comic book universes. For the most part, it seems to just be DC/Marvel crossovers, but I haven't looked through all of them yet!

I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this, but... why the heck isn't this guy the biggest thing on the internet? Such awesome covers!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2 New 52 Jack of Fire?

Hello, Blue Devil fans, and welcome to a long-overdue post from Sympathy For The Blue Devil! I got to thinking about something the other day -- because when you work a crappy job, you think about unrelated things to not go crazy -- and decided to figure out what a New 52 version of Jack of Fire would be like!

Love him or hate him, Jack of Fire was a pretty important part of the Shadowpact series. He was Daniel Cassidy's brother, who had sold his soul alongside Daniel's, and in the end of the series, he (sort of) redeemed himself! He killed himself, letting Daniel keep his recently-recovered soul while still getting all the powers and abilities of his previous demonic form.

The question is, how to make him fit in with the New 52 "fun cannot be had" style of comics? To start off, you can't have the same origin... yet. For one thing, Daniel's family has actually been shown in this, so it's not like they have the free reign to say they were dead and their souls were in hell. I don't remember if N52 Daniel has a brother or not, but let's try to go another route...

Jack of Fire could be the Earth-3 counterpart! He could be a reserve member of the Crime Syndicate or something. Let's go ahead and assume that, as was shown in previous CSA material, each member of the Syndicate has their own "enforcers" made up of villainous versions of "our" Earth's  heroes. Jack of Fire could be, given the fire/death theme, one of Deathstorm's cronies.

It's inelegant, sure, but it's a way to fit him in. What do you guys think? Would Jack of Fire be a character that could fit in to the grim-and-gritty multiverse, or is he best left back in the old continuity, where fun comics weren't a thing to be shunned?

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