Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Devil's Quest, Volume IV

Okay, so it's been a few months this time. As I mentioned in the review of DC Universe Presents #16, there's been some computer issues causing me to be very, very late. Still, in time I always deliver, so here it is, now that I'm over my computer issues! Devil's Quest, Volume IV: the Cool Family edition.

Shortly after I decided to start this blog, I talked with my grandma about it. She's more internet-savvy than some of my other family members, and is the relative that told me last volume that getting the comics, when I did, might not be the best idea. When Christmas Eve came around, I found out why -- she got me the full run of Blue Devil for Christmas!

As you can imagine, I'm thrilled beyond belief. I've got the entire run of the BD series, the entire run of Shadowpact, and the four-issue run of DC Universe Presents already! Here's what I need from you awesome people out there: anything else Blue Devil that you know of. I'm not too concerned with collecting every printed panel, so if it's just his ankle, no thankle.

But if you know any miniseries, TPBs, or anything else like that, for me to keep an eye out, I'd appreciate it! Who knows, maybe your suggestion will be what I cover in the next volume of Devil's Quest!


  1. Glad to see you back. I usually go to for my research along these lines. Here's a link:
    Notable ones are his appearances in Firestorm issues 24, 46, 47 and quite a few issues of Justice League America (97-113).

    1. Hey, thanks! I had actually forgotten about Comic Book DB, being without a functional computer for so long. Excellent!

      Now, to hunt down good prices!

  2. Justin - Congrats on getting the original Blue Devil series! It's full of win, thankle's (nice joke!), and will bring you much joy!

    In addition to the classic BD series and Shadowpact, here are my Blue Devil Essential Reads:

    * Fury of Firestorm #24 (yes, his first appearance was in Firestorm!!!)
    * Fury of Firestorm #46 & 47 - A crossover between the two titles
    * Secret Origins #24 - Blue Devil origin
    * Showcase '93 #1-6 - Blue Devil strip
    * Underworld Unleashed #1-3 - Big changes for the character here
    * JLA: Black Baptism #1-4 - A main player in this mini-series
    * Day of Vengeance #1-6, plus Infinite Crisis Special - Lead up to Shadowpact
    * Reign in Hell #1-8 - A main player in this mini-series

    The JLA issues Daniel reference also feature Blue Devil heavily. However, I can't truly recommend them. You should read them eventually, but probably not on the "urgently read" list.

    Good hunting!

    The Irredeemable Shag

    1. Underworld Unleashed is when he becomes an actual demon, right? Or is that Black Baptism? I've heard bits about them both, before.

  3. Underworld Unleashed is where he become an actual Demon. Then he dies in Starman. Then he's brought back to life in Day of Judgement. Pretty complicated stuff. :)



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