Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Why don't we have Shadowpact?!

Dear DC Comics, Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, and whoever the hell I have to ask...

What's the deal? We have half of the old Shadowpact regulars active, in some form or another, and we can't bring the team together?! You've got some good writers, even if there are a few that are being held down by editorial decisions, and other good writers that you screw over before they even get a chance to write for you (COUGH JIM ZUB COUGH). The talent is there, and half of the titles are crap anyway.


So let's bring together the Shadowpact team. You could even fit them with your recent attitude of "We can't have fun characters -- it must all be dark and edgy" as far as your titles. Spin it out of Trinity War, when the Justice League is supposedly going to be dead. If that means all of the Leagues, including Justice League Dark, you have your way in.

                 (Source)                                  (Source)                                     (Demon Knights #18)                  

We've already got New 52 versions of half of the team! Blue Devil's a bit slimmer and more magic-based, and Enchantress is -- at least when we saw her last -- recovering from her crazy-times in the beginning of the Justice League Dark series. So far, Detective Chimp has only been shown/hinted in the "Channel 52" crap, but that's better than some fan favorites have gotten! Here's how we can do it...

Start it off with Blue Devil and Black Lightning. They are investigating weirdness going around, and enlist the help of the ever-brilliant Detective Chimp, although they don't know they's a chimp at first. Maybe they find him online or something, because Dan and Jefferson are tech-savvy heroes, fully in the modern day. He sends them Enchantress' way, and to clear her name, she joins their efforts. That can all be done (easily!) in two issues, and leave the other three in the first arc to finding and fixing the problem! Then have a second arc that brings in New 52 versions of Nightmaster, Nightshade, and Ragman! I'm sure that last one would make Chad happy!

Just give it some thought, DC. I may not be the biggest fan of huge events, but if Trinity War could bring me some Shadowpact, I'll convince everyone I know to buy a copy or two of each issue! I mean, why else are you having Detective Chimp appear in Channel 52, if you're not building up to something with him?!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Yeah, I'm pretty sure that with Phantom Stranger, Pandora, JLD, Constantine and a few others; DC firmly believes that they don't NEED another "dark" title. I think they're sorely mistaken. ESPECIALLY considering the way Phantom Stranger is going, it would be epic to spin Ragman out of that. Have him be one of the people that PS betrays. Doesn't sound like much? Bullshit. I'm pretty sure capturing the souls of people and being essentially the gatekeeper to their purgatory is DEFINITELY a punishment/betrayal that would make whomever becomes Ragman an epic storyline.

  2. That's a hell of an idea, too! It keeps with their whole "grim and gritty" tone, and brings back another character with a better following than some of the turds they've given titles. I mean, was anybody out there really begging for a comic about Amethyst, or Hawk & Dove, or Dial H For Hero? Obviously not, with the sales they got!

  3. First, great to see a new blog post!!

    Second, maybe they could meet in the middle and add Blue Devil and Ragman to Justice League Dark!


    1. I'd love that, too. And thanks! I haven't intentionally left this blog behind, it's just hard to regularly update with irregular internet access

    2. I'd love that, too. And thanks! I haven't intentionally left this blog behind, it's just hard to regularly update with irregular internet access



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