Sunday, March 3, 2013

0 DC Universe Presents #16

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Writer - Marc Andreyko
Pencils - Robson Rocha
Inks - Oclair Albert
Cover - Ryan Sook
Letters - Taylor Esposito

A flashback of events in Jefferson Pierce's life lead up to his bloodied and beaten body, lying on the floor of Madame Rousseau's Wax Museum after taking five bullets to the torso. Nebiros decides that Dan isn't worth the effort for the demon to attack him, so he uses his magic to bring some of the wax sculptures to life -- namely, Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, and a hooded axeman. Dan fights them off on his own for a while, but when he sees just how bad a state that Jefferson is in, he dons Nebiros' skin once more, to take down the formerly-wax monsters. He uses the trident to start releasing some of the souls that Nebiros has been taking, but is then forced to choose between finishing off Nebiros, or fighting Whale to save Black Lightning's life!

This was a good issue, but overall, I feel like we could have had so much more out of this too-small arc. I mentioned my issues with the New 52 Blue Devil recently, and this issue didn't really do anything to get rid of them. Not only did Dan easily reclaim Nebiros' skinsuit, but then he went ahead and made a literal deal with a devil.

Unfortunately, sales numbers don't seem to have been any better on this run than they were throughout the rest of the DC Universe Presents series, so I don't see any Blue Devil series coming soon. While I wasn't the biggest fan of this miniseries overall, I think that some of the story elements could have paved the way for some interesting ideas down the road -- maybe even a Blue Devil/Demon Knights crossover, since "events" appear to be what DC likes to promote best.

I will say that I hope to see Robson Rocha and the rest of the art team get more DC work, if they're not already. With  very few panel-specific objections, I really liked the art in this four-issue run. Overall, though... I miss the older Blue Devil stuff. Time to grab my stacks of the original BD series, and my stack of Shadowpact, and ease my sorrows.

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