Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Straight from Paris Cullens, this one is excellent! The always awesome Blue Devil facing off against Hellboy! Paris would love to see someone do the inks and colors for this piece, which is where you all come in! Check out the art for yourself!

For you, the job is this -- by yourself, or as a group if you know a couple people that you want to work with, FINISH THIS PIECE. Just like Paris, I want to see this inked and colored, and really look forward to seeing what could be done with it.

I haven't heard anything from Paris about rewards, but I'm going to reach out to him with an idea, and update you all here when I know anything for a certainty.

While you're inking and coloring, remember to check out the Sympathy for the Blue Devil page on Facebook, and check out friend-of-the-blog David's new page, THE BLUE DEVIL ARCHIVE! He seems to be a pretty awesome guy, and has a custom Blue Devil hardcover that I wish I had! Go check out his page, and give this awesome art your best!

I can't wait to see what we get!

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