Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Redeeming The Blue Devil

Okay, are you all with me? Pay attention, because I have fixed (!!!) the New 52 version of our favorite hell-powered hero.

I like the appearance of the character, but I've been "meh" on the overall portrayal of the character so far. The old 'verse gave us a cool, interesting character, even if he had his "diva" moments -- he was an actor, what do you expect? He was smart, too; smart enough to have built the very cutting-edge-technology suit that became a part of him. What's not to love?

Nowadays, we have a ... man-child. I could be wrong, but the little bit we've shown hasn't been encouraging. It seems like the character hasn't really gotten a chance to show much depth. Not surprising, since DC made him share the spotlight with Black Lightning.

Fret not! I have fixed the character!

MY idea will definitely never see the light of DC's day, but it definitely accomplishes two things: it gives us fans back a bit of the character that we knew and loved, and it gives DC an idea for (the start of) a new Blue Devil series! What is my idea?

Don't let him get the suit back.

That's it.

That's all it would take. If he didn't get the suit/skin (skinsuit? Or is that too squicky?) back from Nebiros, it wouldn't be the worst thing for the character. From my point of view, it would be an impetus for him to improve! Want to walk with me down Speculation Lane for a few minutes?

Dan Cassidy has just barely escaped after getting his ass kicked by Nebiros, who was pissed off that his own skin rejected him. The only reason Dan survived at all was because Black Lightning saved him, and ... someone... found a way to banish Nebiros. Not sure who, but hey, I'm not being paid to come up with this yet.

Feeling a bit useless after being unable to prevent his death on his own, Dan starts to work. His social life disappears, and all of his time is spent at Graveyard Pictures. He surrounds himself with the mystical artifacts that are there, and more, and makes a NEW Blue Devil. Part mystical, part mechanical. A new Blue Devil, one that could never be taken from him, that will never control him, and can never be used against him. A new tool with which to fight the exact type of creeps that killed his grandfather.

So, what do you think? Definitely not the best, most fleshed-out story idea, but I like it so far. Especially for one that was thought up at midnight. Would you guys read it, if a decent writer were handling it? Who would you want as the Big Bad? I'm definitely seeing a rematch with Nebiros somewhere down the line!


  1. I think it's a fantastic idea. Definitely giving B.D. the respect and continuity love he deserves.

    1. Thanks! I knew it was doomed before I even typed this up, but I'd have loved to see DC go with an idea like this. Done "right", it could have even played in to the way that DC handles their current continuity, too!

      Welcome to the blog, Alex!

  2. Finally! A writer with some sense! That sounds more like it. The writers that made the Nebrios suit , were trying something different , I get that. The only problem is that they screwed up. I haven't even gotten the opportunity to read much more than a few pieces here and there , but it just didn't ring true with the character's heart and soul. I miss the original , even the version from Shadow Pact (to a slightly lesser degree). I guess I'm just old school (or old , or both)! I wonder why all my favorite characters are the one's they always screw up!?!



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