Thursday, November 28, 2013

0 Happy Thanksgiving!

Just like me, it looks like Blue Devil ate a bit too much at Thanksgiving!

Okay, sure, this might just be an out-of-context image that was screencapped when I was watching Young Justice, but that's not confirmed.

What it really means is that some talented person should make some Thanksgiving-themed Blue Devil art before next year! Maybe I'll get something commissioned eventually!

Still, to all my American readers, happy Thanksgiving! To any international readers, have a good Thursday!

Monday, November 18, 2013

2 Marvel Two-In-One: The Thing and Blue Devil!

Okay, this never happened. But am I alone in thinking that it really should have happened? I think that the original version of Blue Devil would've paired excellently with the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing!

This cover is the work of Ross Pearsall of the excellent blog SUPER-TEAM FAMILY... THE LOST ISSUES, where he creates combination covers of two or more characters from different comic book universes. For the most part, it seems to just be DC/Marvel crossovers, but I haven't looked through all of them yet!

I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this, but... why the heck isn't this guy the biggest thing on the internet? Such awesome covers!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2 New 52 Jack of Fire?

Hello, Blue Devil fans, and welcome to a long-overdue post from Sympathy For The Blue Devil! I got to thinking about something the other day -- because when you work a crappy job, you think about unrelated things to not go crazy -- and decided to figure out what a New 52 version of Jack of Fire would be like!

Love him or hate him, Jack of Fire was a pretty important part of the Shadowpact series. He was Daniel Cassidy's brother, who had sold his soul alongside Daniel's, and in the end of the series, he (sort of) redeemed himself! He killed himself, letting Daniel keep his recently-recovered soul while still getting all the powers and abilities of his previous demonic form.

The question is, how to make him fit in with the New 52 "fun cannot be had" style of comics? To start off, you can't have the same origin... yet. For one thing, Daniel's family has actually been shown in this, so it's not like they have the free reign to say they were dead and their souls were in hell. I don't remember if N52 Daniel has a brother or not, but let's try to go another route...

Jack of Fire could be the Earth-3 counterpart! He could be a reserve member of the Crime Syndicate or something. Let's go ahead and assume that, as was shown in previous CSA material, each member of the Syndicate has their own "enforcers" made up of villainous versions of "our" Earth's  heroes. Jack of Fire could be, given the fire/death theme, one of Deathstorm's cronies.

It's inelegant, sure, but it's a way to fit him in. What do you guys think? Would Jack of Fire be a character that could fit in to the grim-and-gritty multiverse, or is he best left back in the old continuity, where fun comics weren't a thing to be shunned?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Devil's Quest, Volume IV

Okay, so it's been a few months this time. As I mentioned in the review of DC Universe Presents #16, there's been some computer issues causing me to be very, very late. Still, in time I always deliver, so here it is, now that I'm over my computer issues! Devil's Quest, Volume IV: the Cool Family edition.

Shortly after I decided to start this blog, I talked with my grandma about it. She's more internet-savvy than some of my other family members, and is the relative that told me last volume that getting the comics, when I did, might not be the best idea. When Christmas Eve came around, I found out why -- she got me the full run of Blue Devil for Christmas!

As you can imagine, I'm thrilled beyond belief. I've got the entire run of the BD series, the entire run of Shadowpact, and the four-issue run of DC Universe Presents already! Here's what I need from you awesome people out there: anything else Blue Devil that you know of. I'm not too concerned with collecting every printed panel, so if it's just his ankle, no thankle.

But if you know any miniseries, TPBs, or anything else like that, for me to keep an eye out, I'd appreciate it! Who knows, maybe your suggestion will be what I cover in the next volume of Devil's Quest!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Why don't we have Shadowpact?!

Dear DC Comics, Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, and whoever the hell I have to ask...

What's the deal? We have half of the old Shadowpact regulars active, in some form or another, and we can't bring the team together?! You've got some good writers, even if there are a few that are being held down by editorial decisions, and other good writers that you screw over before they even get a chance to write for you (COUGH JIM ZUB COUGH). The talent is there, and half of the titles are crap anyway.


So let's bring together the Shadowpact team. You could even fit them with your recent attitude of "We can't have fun characters -- it must all be dark and edgy" as far as your titles. Spin it out of Trinity War, when the Justice League is supposedly going to be dead. If that means all of the Leagues, including Justice League Dark, you have your way in.

                 (Source)                                  (Source)                                     (Demon Knights #18)                  

We've already got New 52 versions of half of the team! Blue Devil's a bit slimmer and more magic-based, and Enchantress is -- at least when we saw her last -- recovering from her crazy-times in the beginning of the Justice League Dark series. So far, Detective Chimp has only been shown/hinted in the "Channel 52" crap, but that's better than some fan favorites have gotten! Here's how we can do it...

Start it off with Blue Devil and Black Lightning. They are investigating weirdness going around, and enlist the help of the ever-brilliant Detective Chimp, although they don't know they's a chimp at first. Maybe they find him online or something, because Dan and Jefferson are tech-savvy heroes, fully in the modern day. He sends them Enchantress' way, and to clear her name, she joins their efforts. That can all be done (easily!) in two issues, and leave the other three in the first arc to finding and fixing the problem! Then have a second arc that brings in New 52 versions of Nightmaster, Nightshade, and Ragman! I'm sure that last one would make Chad happy!

Just give it some thought, DC. I may not be the biggest fan of huge events, but if Trinity War could bring me some Shadowpact, I'll convince everyone I know to buy a copy or two of each issue! I mean, why else are you having Detective Chimp appear in Channel 52, if you're not building up to something with him?!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

0 DC Universe Presents #16

(This post was originally scheduled for January 27th. Due to a failing computer, I've been unable to post it until now. In case of future computer issues, I strongly recommend following @Blue_Devil_Blog on Twitter to keep up to date! :) )


Writer - Marc Andreyko
Pencils - Robson Rocha
Inks - Oclair Albert
Cover - Ryan Sook
Letters - Taylor Esposito

A flashback of events in Jefferson Pierce's life lead up to his bloodied and beaten body, lying on the floor of Madame Rousseau's Wax Museum after taking five bullets to the torso. Nebiros decides that Dan isn't worth the effort for the demon to attack him, so he uses his magic to bring some of the wax sculptures to life -- namely, Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, and a hooded axeman. Dan fights them off on his own for a while, but when he sees just how bad a state that Jefferson is in, he dons Nebiros' skin once more, to take down the formerly-wax monsters. He uses the trident to start releasing some of the souls that Nebiros has been taking, but is then forced to choose between finishing off Nebiros, or fighting Whale to save Black Lightning's life!

This was a good issue, but overall, I feel like we could have had so much more out of this too-small arc. I mentioned my issues with the New 52 Blue Devil recently, and this issue didn't really do anything to get rid of them. Not only did Dan easily reclaim Nebiros' skinsuit, but then he went ahead and made a literal deal with a devil.

Unfortunately, sales numbers don't seem to have been any better on this run than they were throughout the rest of the DC Universe Presents series, so I don't see any Blue Devil series coming soon. While I wasn't the biggest fan of this miniseries overall, I think that some of the story elements could have paved the way for some interesting ideas down the road -- maybe even a Blue Devil/Demon Knights crossover, since "events" appear to be what DC likes to promote best.

I will say that I hope to see Robson Rocha and the rest of the art team get more DC work, if they're not already. With  very few panel-specific objections, I really liked the art in this four-issue run. Overall, though... I miss the older Blue Devil stuff. Time to grab my stacks of the original BD series, and my stack of Shadowpact, and ease my sorrows.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Straight from Paris Cullens, this one is excellent! The always awesome Blue Devil facing off against Hellboy! Paris would love to see someone do the inks and colors for this piece, which is where you all come in! Check out the art for yourself!

For you, the job is this -- by yourself, or as a group if you know a couple people that you want to work with, FINISH THIS PIECE. Just like Paris, I want to see this inked and colored, and really look forward to seeing what could be done with it.

I haven't heard anything from Paris about rewards, but I'm going to reach out to him with an idea, and update you all here when I know anything for a certainty.

While you're inking and coloring, remember to check out the Sympathy for the Blue Devil page on Facebook, and check out friend-of-the-blog David's new page, THE BLUE DEVIL ARCHIVE! He seems to be a pretty awesome guy, and has a custom Blue Devil hardcover that I wish I had! Go check out his page, and give this awesome art your best!

I can't wait to see what we get!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Redeeming The Blue Devil

Okay, are you all with me? Pay attention, because I have fixed (!!!) the New 52 version of our favorite hell-powered hero.

I like the appearance of the character, but I've been "meh" on the overall portrayal of the character so far. The old 'verse gave us a cool, interesting character, even if he had his "diva" moments -- he was an actor, what do you expect? He was smart, too; smart enough to have built the very cutting-edge-technology suit that became a part of him. What's not to love?

Nowadays, we have a ... man-child. I could be wrong, but the little bit we've shown hasn't been encouraging. It seems like the character hasn't really gotten a chance to show much depth. Not surprising, since DC made him share the spotlight with Black Lightning.

Fret not! I have fixed the character!

MY idea will definitely never see the light of DC's day, but it definitely accomplishes two things: it gives us fans back a bit of the character that we knew and loved, and it gives DC an idea for (the start of) a new Blue Devil series! What is my idea?

Don't let him get the suit back.

That's it.

That's all it would take. If he didn't get the suit/skin (skinsuit? Or is that too squicky?) back from Nebiros, it wouldn't be the worst thing for the character. From my point of view, it would be an impetus for him to improve! Want to walk with me down Speculation Lane for a few minutes?

Dan Cassidy has just barely escaped after getting his ass kicked by Nebiros, who was pissed off that his own skin rejected him. The only reason Dan survived at all was because Black Lightning saved him, and ... someone... found a way to banish Nebiros. Not sure who, but hey, I'm not being paid to come up with this yet.

Feeling a bit useless after being unable to prevent his death on his own, Dan starts to work. His social life disappears, and all of his time is spent at Graveyard Pictures. He surrounds himself with the mystical artifacts that are there, and more, and makes a NEW Blue Devil. Part mystical, part mechanical. A new Blue Devil, one that could never be taken from him, that will never control him, and can never be used against him. A new tool with which to fight the exact type of creeps that killed his grandfather.

So, what do you think? Definitely not the best, most fleshed-out story idea, but I like it so far. Especially for one that was thought up at midnight. Would you guys read it, if a decent writer were handling it? Who would you want as the Big Bad? I'm definitely seeing a rematch with Nebiros somewhere down the line!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2 Blue Devil should join Justice League Dark

When I wrote my "2013 wishlist" for Blue Devil, one of the things that I mentioned was that Blue Devil should join the Justice League Dark team. Prior to the New 52, he would've been able to be fit in well enough, but now? With all of the changes to the character, now he's a perfect fit!

Let's look at the current roster of Justice League Dark members:
  • John Constantine, magician and expert liar
  • Madame Xanadu, immortal mystic and fortune-teller
  • Deadman, ghostly acrobat skilled in possessing others
  • Zatanna, skilled in backwards magic
  • Black Orchid, shapeshifter with a connection to the forces of nature
  • Frankenstein, patchwork warrior
  • Amethyst, warrior princess
  • Timothy Hunter, who just opened the Books of Magic
With a line-up of dark heroes like that, Blue Devil would be awesome to see on the team. He's a magically-based character rather than starting out science-based like the old version, and there is a lot of storytelling potential.

We all know how much the modern comics industry digs events, right? There could be at least a small event running primarily through Justice League Dark, that features Nebiros' skin controlling Blue Devil. We've seen little bits of that so far in DC Universe Presents, and Lemire is pretty good at tying together events -- Rotworld, over in Animal Man and Swamp Thing, being a prime example.

So, what do you all think? Should he be the next character written in to that series?

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