Thursday, December 20, 2012

0 DC Universe Presents #15


Writer - Marc Andreyko
Pencils - Robson Rocha and Eduardo Pansica
Inks - Oclair Albert, Julio Ferreira, and JP Mayer
Cover - Ryan Sook
Letters - Wes Abbott

After showing a panicked Dan Cassidy looking at a newly blue-skinned Nebiros, the story flashes back to three days prior. A group of teens or young adults have just bought drugs, and one of them starts using them after his friends refuse. He begins to foam blood at the mouth, and his friends take him in to a nearby church, where he explodes after shouting. The next day, Dan and Jeff are chatting, with Dan saying that they have to suit up and do something about this new drug that Tobias Whale is pushing. Dan leaves and Jeff's dad informs him that he will be meeting his source tonight, alone. The meet-up is a trap, for Nebiros to steal his soul, as he has been with the users of Whale's new drug. As Blue Devil and Black Lightning are fighting off the soulless husks that have been left by the drug's effects, Whale calls Black Lightning and reveals that he's got his dad trapped. The two heroes track them down, and Nebiros attempts to reclaim his skin from Blue Devil -- and Whale shoots Black Lightning!

This was definitely more of a Black Lightning issue, but it was still interesting. I liked the reveal about the Blue Devil costume having been Nebiros' skin, and since I'm a sucker for DC's Demons, it was cool to see that Etrigan was the cause. Anyone out there been reading Demon Knights, to know if this was featured over there? Either way, it should be cool to see how this progresses next issue, since that will be the last issue with Blue Devil and Black Lightning headlining DC Universe Presents. Hopefully it doesn't feel too rushed, like the first issue, because there is a lot to resolve next issue.

I'm still not sure about Andreyko's writing, but I think that if he was given an extended run with Blue Devil, I'd give him a chance. The series would almost definitely be darker than the original series' run, but who knows? Maybe it would still be fun! He's given us a somewhat interesting character to explore, with the New 52 Blue Devil, and I want to see more beyond these four issues. My favorite part of this issue was the rejection of Nebiros by the skin. I'd imagine that it was caused by the repurposing of the skin as a costume for a tacky horror movie by the Cassidy family, lessening it's power and it's connection to the demon.

When I saw two pencillers and three inkers in the credits at the start of the issue, I was worried. For the most part, though, the art is pretty consistent. A few panels stand out as more extraordinary than others, and I can only hope that next issue keeps up the trend.

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