Monday, December 31, 2012

2 Blue Devil in 2013?

Since the sales numbers for DC Universe Presents haven't exactly been encouraging -- slowly dropping, unless these Blue Devil & Black Lightning issues boost the hell out of December's and January's -- let's have a moment to just imagine. Instead of facing the real possibility that we might not get Blue Devil stuff after DCU Presents ends, let's look at the things we'd like to see in the upcoming year.

Blue Devil getting a solo series
Ever browse around DeviantArt for Blue Devil art? I've got a LOT of bookmarks with some great stuff that I've found, and one of my favorites is this pre-New 52 cover. In part, I love it because of the potential storyline that the artist put with it. Since he's given me permission to use it, here it is:
BLUE DEVIL: The demon with a soul, Danny Cassidy, aka the Blue Devil, heads down to New Orleans looking for a new life. But when stories of a “man in rags, devouring the souls of his innocent victims” surface, all signs point toward his former Shadowpact teammate, Rory Regan the Ragman, having lost control. Matters get more complicated when the members of the Justice League Dark arrive to take Ragman down for good. It seems Dan Cassidy’s old life isn’t ready to release him just yet…
Doesn't that sound like it would be an awesome story? The artist has given me permission to play around with the story, so I think I'll have some fun with an "if I wrote Blue Devil" segment. My favorite touch with that mock-cover is the stained-glass recreation of the cover for Blue Devil #1! All in all, I feel safe saying that DC's sales on this book could be pretty great, if they had put it out and marketed it right.

Blue Devil joining Justice League Dark

This one could actually happen, I think! JLD has kind of become the refuge for characters who don't have a solo series, and it would be cool to see him join his fellow DC Universe Presents alum, Deadman -- another favorite character of mine!

More importantly, if Blue Devil joined the Justice League Dark title, it would cross another item off of my Blue Devil wishlist -- having Jeff Lemire write our favorite dark-hued demon! My ideal writer for the character would be someone like Lemire, Gail Simone, Peter Allen David (who will hopefully recover soon), or even having a triumphant return from Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn!

A Shadowpact TV series

Sure, this one's entering the Never Going To Happen territory, but I'm not even suggesting that it would have to be live-action, like DC's other (mostly-successful) TV presence, Arrow. Considering how well-received and well-made some of the DC Universe animated material has been, I'd be thrilled to see a Shadowpact cartoon. Make it part of a double feature with Young Justice!

Do any of you have a Blue Devil wishlist for 2013? It can be out there and unlikely like mine, or just small things that you hope to see happen. Let me know in the comments!

2011 saw the end of the old DCU, and 2012 saw Blue Devil's introduction into the New 52. I'm hoping for great things in 2013! Happy New Year, readers and friends!


  1. I really like your suggestion for Blue Devil to join Justice League Dark. That seems like the most feasible option for the coming year.

    Keep up the great work!

    The Irredeemable Shag

    1. Oh, it's definitely the most feasible. But I have to say, I would sell my left kidney for a Shadowpact cartoon series!



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