Tuesday, November 20, 2012

0 DC Universe Presents #13


Writer - Marc Andreyko
Pencils - Robson Roycha
Inks - Oclair Albert
Cover - Ryan Sook
Letterer - Wes Abbott

In downtown Los Angeles, a shady deal is being done. Before it can be finished, however, Blue Devil tells them that "these dogs know their days are numbered". After he starts to fight the gangsters, he finds out (the hard way) that his suit is fireproof. Black Lightning and Blue Devil fight it out after B.L. mistakenly thinks that he works for someone named Tobias Whale, a Kingpin-esque character. The L.A.P.D. shows up to arrest them both, and we get a peak into Black Lightning's daily life before we meet Tobias Whale. Whale isn't happy to have costumed heroes in his city, and sets a plan in motion to keep them from interfering.

I loved the inclusion of Whale, a Black Lightning villain who has been around for a while. Between that and the many other allusions to what has come before for both characters, this issue left me feeling content with it. Sure, it wasn't a great issue, but it was still a good read and pretty to look at. Look at that cover! I'm a fan of most of Sook's covers, and this is no exception.

The art was definitely this issue's strong point. It was fun, it had an impact, and sucked you in to the issue despite an overall uneventful first-issue story. The very different look for Blue Devil finally got to see some action, and definitely helped me warm up to it. He's a bit less bulky than he was in the 90s and during the "Shadowpact" era, and can more believably maneuver like he does in his fights this issue. And that last page, with Daniel holding his dead grandfather and shouting at the murderers? Damn.

I wish we'd gotten a bit more out-of-costume stuff, but this issue, they gave that all to Black Lightning.  Overall, I think this issue's writing would've been helped by an extra issue tacked on to the "Black & Blue" story. The pacing would likely have worked a bit better, and we would have had more than two pages


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